TV Programme needs ex Navy Guys with Tattoos

I received this email from Channel 4, if you would like to take part let me know asap:

I am working on a new primetime four-part Channel 4 beauty series fronted by Katie Piper. There is going to be a social history strand to the series, with each episode exploring a different theme. For one episode in particular, we are covering the history of tattoos in the UK.

I’m currently looking for two or more friends that decided to get tattoos in the 1950s/60s/70s - be that together or at similar times. Perhaps it was as a symbol of their friendship or one decided to get a tattoo and the rest followed suit.

From what I can understand, tattooing was quite common in the Navy so I was wondering whether you could help spread the word amongst your members be that in a newsletter, any social networking sites etc in the hope that this may be of interest to someone?

What we are looking to do is a fairly short sequence where our presenter Katie Piper meets them and finds out about their story and experience, their motivations for doing it etc. It’s very much a positive, celebratory piece about tattoos – we’ve already organised filming with a lady that got tattoos back in the early 1960s and also one of the UK’s oldest living  tattoo artists as part of this history strand. I’m not sure whether you are familiar with Katie Piper, but she was involved in a tragic acid attack and Channel 4 has previously covered her road to recovery.