Here you can find Companies who supply goods and services of interest to Jupiter and also Organisations and Charities associated with the RN.

Conference of Naval Associations

The Conference of Naval Associations (CONA) is a loose federation of like-minded naval associations who believe in working together for the benefit of their members.

Federation of Naval Associations

We are an umbrella organisation consisting of Naval Associations of all descriptions and sizes. Some years ago with the cuts in defence budgets taking serious bites out of the RN and it being obviously an ongoing situation, which it has well proven to be, it was also obvious that there would follow a knock on effect in the ranks of the Associations in the not too distant future. Even the largest are going to be very depleted numerically, which does not bode well with for all organisations. So, after meetings convened by CinC Nav Homes office, the original idea was that the RNA would be the lead organisation. However, the Associations stated quite categorically that they would not be overseen in any way by the RNA, so it was agreed to form `The Federation of Naval Associations` (FNA), with the aim of banding together, if not all, at least the majority of Naval organisations from the largest to the smallest. It was agreed at the time, however, that the General Secretary of the RNA be elected as the First Secretary of the FNA, one Captain Jim Rayner RM. One of the main aims of the FNA being that MOD(N) would only really have to deal with one organisation rather than many and also hopefully, giving a larger voice, should it need to be heard.

Forces in Mind Trust

The aim of the Forces in Mind Trust is to promote the successful transition of Armed Forces personnel, and their families, into civilian life.

The Trust commissions research to improve knowledge of the issues affecting veterans and their families and awards grants to support projects that increase the understanding of transition, including related mental health and well-being issues. Each year up to 20,000 people leave the Armed Forces. For the majority of those who leave, this is a successful process but there is a significant number who have face a difficult transition and it is on this group that the Trust will focus over the next three years.

In due course, the Trust will also undertake awareness raising campaigns, provide advice and support to those charities and organisations that directly support  the Armed Forces community, veterans, their families and dependents.

Seafarers UK

We provide grants to specialist maritime charities and organisations, often small local ones, that are working to help serving and ex-serving seafarers and their families who are experiencing hardship. Our key aim is to provide sustainable funding and improve the quality of life for those in greatest need.

The Confederation of Service Charities

Cobseo, as the Confederation of Service Charities, provides a single point of contact for interaction with Government, including local government and the Devolved Administrations; with the Royal Household; with the Private Sector; and, of course, with other members of the Armed Forces Community. This allows Cobseo members to interact with all interested parties and especially to cooperate and collaborate with others in order to provide the best possible level of support to our beneficiaries.

The Ubique Collection

Bespoke Model Service, Presentation & Awards Medal Service situated in the NMA and St. Dunstans Market Square next to the Chapel.

Naval Families Federation

Offering an independent voice to Royal Naval and Royal Marines families.

Aggie Weston's

Aggie Weston's is here to help serving sailors, marines and their families. We have people at bases around the country who can offer one to one support. We also provide social opportunities and activities where friendships may be formed.