Please find below letter from the Dido Sec.:

Good Morning all,

During a very successful meeting yesterday, Leander Class Association reps, we discussed the possibilities of a mini cruise which I have been negotiating with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines.

I was asked to send the costs for the cruise. If you all would care to take a look at the attached spreadsheet, Iā€™m sure you will all agree that these are very favourable costs. Fred Olsen have also agreed to do all the advertising, leaflets, bookings, etc.

If you could let me know your feelings I would appreciate it.

I do agree that the timing of the cruise is not the best, but I am hoping that if there is enough interest, I can go back to Fred Olsen and ask for a more appealing date.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

If anyone is interested please let me know asap. and I will send you the price list.