Jupiter F60 memorabilia received from Eddie Hill

I received an email from Dave Berridge (ex AB UW HMS UNDAUNTED and HMS RENOWN) who is a family friend of Eddie Hill whose father served on the Majestic class Jupiter explaining that the family wished the Association to hold memorabilia held by them. I have duly received these items which include an original of the 1973-74 Commisioning Book, an original of the Order of Service at the ceremony to mark the Return to the Fleet on 22nd September 1972 in Plymouth. Also received official photographs of Jupiter including the re-commissioning cake being cut, the ceromony and wreath laying with Prince Charles in the Java Sea, these will be put on this web site.

The 'Old Jupiters' were sent a newsletter from the Jupiter to keep them up to date with the programme of F60, four original letters spanning 1970-1974 together with lists of names and addresses of recipients are now held in our Archive. Those of you who were on board during this period will be reminded as to what you got up to and where you were, helps with the 'lamp swinging'! Those of you attending our next Reunion will be able to see the originals but I will be scanning and putting parts of them on the website under Photo Gallery 17 to wet your appitite.

I will of course be sending a letter on behalf of the Association to thank Eddie and Anne Hill for their kind donation to our Association, Dave Berridge as the intermediary has aked only for a tot of rum when he next meets any ex Jups, so beware!!