Enquiry from Barbara Reed

The following is the email received from Barbara:-

"Possible picture of HMS Jupiter in 1915 -  Could ypu please help me to identfy if it is?

My Great-Grandfather JOHN JAMES GILES BLACKLER served on HMS Jupiter between 17 Aug  1914 and 19th May 1915  also 12 Aug 1915 – 22 Dec 1916

During his first time on the ship:

5 February 1915: Jupiter was detached to serve as an icebreaker at Arkangelsk in the White Sea, north Russia.

1 May 1915: Jupiter left north Russia and returned to the UK, paying off at Birkenhead on 19 May to undergo refit at the Cammell Laird shipyard.

I have enclosed a copy of a photograph that I have always wondered if it was HMS Jupiter in the ice at Arkangelsk.  I wonder if anybody could identify it for me."

JOHN JAMES GILES BLACKLER joined the Navy in 1890 until 1902 on ships then as a Coast guard till 1911. Then he rejoined at the start of WW1 age 46.  He was a shipwright and my father used to tell a story of him having to repair a ship in icy water. I assume this was the ship.

As you can see this is an original postcard, a copy of which is on the website


If anyone has any further information please let me know to pass on to Barbara or use the Blog Page. It is always great to have some real human stories about life and times of all the Jupiters.