Reunion 2009

Most of us arrived Friday evening and our guest Harold Locke was almost the first to arrive in the afternoon with a case full of information and a life time of stories to tell. We immediately took over one of the Bars and after the usual couple of hours, we started feeling peckish and so the nose bags were put on and we cleared the Bar of tables/chairs/potted plants etc and moved into a larger lounge for chips with everything. Then back to the Bar until early morning with Harold still with us most of the way although he had not been too well recently, he certainly acted younger than his 80+ years.

Saturday morning was our AGM meeting where all the big decisions were made, including Pony Moore been conned into being Secretary and Bagsy Baker coming backto replace Pony in his previous position. We also decided to look into the possibility of our next Reunion near the National Arboretum so that we can attend and hopefully leave a Memorial Tree or Seat to remember all the previous Jupiters and their Crews. We will of course keep you up to date through this web site and the Newsletters.

Saturday afternoon we hired a Mini Bus to the Clarkes Centre where the ladies got lost shopping while we got lost in Wetherspoons in the village of Street, the sensible ones took the opportunity to visit Wells Cathedral and even take advantage of the Hotel swimming pool, sauna and other liesure facilities.

The Reunion Dinner started on time and progressed at a very easy pace, interspersed with the usual Prayers, Toasts and TOT TIME!!

We drifted off to the Hotel Bar and continued our Lamp Swinging and again succeeded in leaving the Bar at the close of play, the Jupiter being the last to leave as expected.

Sunday morning was a 'quiet affair', after a late breakfast everyone drifted off to return to their homes around the Country, we met some ex Jupiters who called in on spec. and hopefully they will make contact again to join our Merry Band of Brothers.

Further details will be in the next JUP'S NEWS due out before Christmas.